Merits of Laziness – How to benefit from Laziness

I would like to share the video In Praise of Laziness by Fred Gratzon that greatly helps you in understanding the merits of laziness.


This video has a lot of inspiring information about the positive side of laziness by many famous people. It also shows how laziness can be used in your favor to become successful in the life.


You will be glad to see a lot of great people talking about the benefits of laziness.


Watch the video below…make sure that your audio is on.




Isn’t it good to know that most of the great inventions are the due to the result of laziness ?


Laziness can be thought of lack the motivation that is preventing you to be productive in some kind of work.


I don’t want to say the laziness is something great that you should to be proud of but, it will help you benefit when you are figuring a way out of it.


In the process of fighting with laziness, people have come up with all the great inventions.


Would you like to see an example ?


How about a  “Computer”?


If you can think about the reason behind inventing a computer, you will definitely appreciate the benefits of laziness.


Want another example?…


How about a “Bicycle”?


You can assume this was invented by the people  and for who are lazy to walk longer distances.


I don’t think necessity is the mother of invention – invention, in my   opinion, arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness. To save oneself trouble.” 

                                                                                     - Agatha Christie,  Mistery Author


If you feel that you are lazy person, try to find what you are lazy at and how can you simplify that process.


How can you introduce fun when doing such kind of work? or Is there any incentive that will help you get motivated?


When you try to solve the problem that makes you lazy, you are moving yourself towards success.


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