Top Tips to Motivate Lazy People to Exercise

We all know… ok, most of us know, what it’s like to make that New Year’s Resolution.

Then the “Before Bathing Suit Weather” resolution.

Then the promise to not gain weight during the “Holidays resolution”.

What makes it so difficult for us to suck it up and actually go to the gym or down the street for a brisk walk?

How to motivate yourself to exercise when you are too lazy?…

Is there any exercise for lazy people to workout daily without laziness?…

Laziness is one of the biggest barriers to weight loss and so healthy life, but there are things you can do to help you overcome that slump and get off the couch and get into gear.


Who really wants to add another job to the daily agenda? Working out sounds too much like work! What you need to do is schedule time to play. Play racquetball. Play basketball. Keep that keyword in mind, and your workouts will be play sessions. The aerobic result is the same; an increased heart rate, and the benefits of having regular play a few days every week will make you feel like a kid again.


It has long been said that having a partner keeps you accountable. When you find a workout buddy, make sure it is someone who can stick it out. Don’t get your neighbor just because they stay home during the day; find someone who shares your weight loss goals. Put up an ad at the gym if you want to find someone you might not even know yet.


When you set your goals, make sure they are reasonable. No one wants to start exercising. The thought of getting the weight off is daunting to many people. If you have a plan of attack, your chances of success are much better. For example: week one = walk fifteen minutes each day… week two = substitute fruit for the chips. With this in mind, you’ll be sure to find ways to keep adding to your program to make it successful.


What does this have to do with exercise? If you LOOK good, you will feel good. Don’t wait to buy nice fitting clothes. Start doing things now to feel good about yourself. Get a new outfit to workout in – don’t worry, they are stretchy, and they’ll shrink as you do. One new workout piece will last a long time, and if it doesn’t I promise you won’t mind buying the smaller size.


If you do the same thing over and over, not only will you get bored, but so will your muscles. You might initially lose weight with the same exercise video, but eventually you need to push yourself more. Employ other parts of your body. Go for a hike, swim, or jog.


Take a picture of the now. Work towards the future look. Periodically take a new picture to see how much progress you have made. Keep one pair of “fat jeans” and just imagine how Jared must have felt after his Subway success. Wouldn’t you love to be able to hold up your fat jeans and show people that you used to be able to fit twice as much of yourself inside?


Even though you want to use every possible hour to stay busy, you need your beauty sleep. If you get 7-8 hours of sleep, your body will function better. With enough sleep, you will be more fresh and productive with the time that you are awake. So turn off the TV, read a book, and get cozy in your bed to help you lose weight.


Even though you might not be ready to dance in front of an audience, many people have found that doing a dance routine in their living room or with a small group of people is great fun. There are some really great styles that are good for losing weight. The old fashioned days of aerobics is getting a makeover. Do belly dancing for a fund twist. Turn on some good music of the eighties (did I just give my age) and crank it up. Include the kids and make it a party so crazy and you may want to pull the curtains closed so the neighbors won’t see.


If you are having trouble making yourself exercise, get an incentive program. There are two ways to make this work. If you are not self motivated, set little goals for yourself. For example, if you workout for a set number of days, you get to treat yourself. Whether it’s lunch out, a dessert, or a new outfit, make sure that you are mentally doing it as a reward.

Some of us need external incentive programs. Get someone who will hold you accountable if you start to slack. This can be a friend, kid or pet. Make sure they check in or participate in your workout. Have them come check progress if they are the human variety.


If you don’t already have one, owning a dog is a great way to force exercise. If you want to have your new friend as part of your workout routine, make sure that you find a variety that likes to walk at a brisk pace. Some dogs are known for being more energetic than others. A little research will pay off in finding the right pet for you, and the social benefits of meeting people on the dog-walking path may help keep you wanting to walk.


OK, so it doesn’t have to be a punching bag, but remember that exercise is a great stress reliever. If you are having a bad day, throw on the tennis shoes and get moving. The endorphins will leave you feeling great once you are finished.


It can be funny when you exercise. If you don’t get the right moves, make it the opportunity to laugh at yourself. Keep going. Nothing is more fun than laughing with your friends, so you might as well be laughing while getting the health benefits. You are doing this to make your life better, and after all… laughter is the best medicine.


Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t succeed the first time. Keep a journal to show your successes. Keep in mind that at least 21 days has to go by before you establish a habit, so keep going back to it until it is indeed a habit for you.

You CAN do this. As you start the process, you will get into the cycle and you will be amazed at the benefits of exercise.

Once the weight starts to come off, you can immediately notice an increase in your energy levels. You will sleep better and breath better.

Your whole body will work in unison; this is how your body was designed… to work. Not to be stationary.

Good luck!

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