Why Are We Lazy ?

Why Are We Lazy ?
“I’ll do it later . . .”
“I don’t have  time to do it now . . .”
“I’ll do it when I wake up in the morning . . .”
 “I’ll do it in the late night before I sleep . . .”
“I’ll do it as soon as I go home . . .”
“Sound familiar ?. . .”

No one says it aloud but, how many times we feel it in day?

Am I lazy ? . . .

Are we all naturally lazy ? . . .

If so,. . .  Why are we lazy ? . . . Why would we like to be lazy ? . . .

Everyday before I go to bed, I set my alarm clock for 6am and when it goes off in the morning, I Snoo…ze, Sno…o..o..ze. and Sn….o…….o…o…o…o…..Ze!

. . . and still, I never woke up before 7.30am. I tried so many different techniques to wake up in the early morning but none of them worked. And …

. . . I am sure there are several people like me.

Am I really lazy ? . . .

There are several occasions in our life that demands us to perform something that we don’t like. You got to go to work some time now or later whether it’s for you or for somebody like your family members and it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not.

Whatever you think or try to do, you can never escape from the work. Even to escape from the work, you really got put some work in it.

And also,… as you may already know, if you skip it now,  it always becomes more and more difficult to work on anything in the last minute.

Well, we know all this stuff and we call it . . .

. . .”the Procrastination” . . .

But my question is, “why do the we procrastinate ?”…

Is it because naturally we’re lazy ?

Let me give it a try . . .

First, you give me a TV remote and I’ll make sure that I watch all the shows for entire night or until my eyes cannot see anymore. If you give me a tennis racquet, I keep on playing for hours and hours and will never stop until I get an emergency call from my home. Try me by giving me a computer and I will make sure that I browse website until my brain cannot take it any more.

I know many people who loves shopping. I have never seen them tired even when they spend their entire day in a shopping mall. Some people like reading and they read like crazy. Likewise, everyone has got one or more favorite activities in which they never show any symptoms of tiredness or laziness.

Well, this at least proves that we are not lazy, even though we are working on something that is completely different from what life demands.

After giving it so much thought and doing some research, I came to the following conclusion.

We are lazy because either we don’t like what we are doing or we are not doing what we like.

To put in a simple way, We are lazy just because we don’t have fun doing what we are doing.

” Laziness is the lack of desire to perform work or expend effort. What behavior is considered laziness varies according to personal and societal standards. “

                                        – Definition from Wikipedia

When we dislike any kind of work, our body and mind will not be at their full cooperation when doing it and we generally interpret this condition as laziness. I heard someone saying “the height of laziness is termed as Lethargy”.

This analysis created so many questions in the back of my mind.

  • How can we get rid of the laziness ?
  • How can we enjoy my work as if we are playing our favorite game ?
  • How can make anyone wake up on Monday morning with an excitement to go to work ?
  • How can enjoy going to work as if the kids are getting ready for the playground ?

I always believed that there is definitely way to make our life more entertaining so that, we can enjoy working all the time. When we enjoy our work, we will do it more and more of it that gives us a lot of happiness and directs us toward our life’s fulfillment.

For about past two years, I was thinking of creating my own web site. But as I said, nothing was moving further as there was no such topic that attracted me much.

After all, I surely know and also proved that we are not lazy. I realized that I just couldn’t do it because I couldn’t find an interesting work that can excite me.

One fine day, I questioned myself . . . ,

“ Why shouldn’t I create a blog on laziness and experience it ? ”

So, I started this blog and brainstorming to see if there is anyway to find a cure for laziness.

I am glad that I finally started with an inspiring topic and I believe I’m going to have a lot of fun working on this subject.

I am going to update this blog with the information that I research from other web sites, books, and other types of media.

Amazingly, after I started this blog topic, I unknowingly began to observe everything that’s happening around me . . . . and . . . I’m believing that these observations would become a great help.

I’m open to the ideas and discussions that can contributed by friends and visitors which could make the journey of how to get rid of laziness more enjoyable and create more happiness in our lives.

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  1. Good start,,,nice and interesting stuff, it makes me think about my routine when i try to sleep 10 more minutes after my alarm rings….

    good work

  2. This article is a mirror reflection of my daily life :-)
    I am thrilled to see it live finally.. and I would like to see more articles on it to get rid of laziness in my life (not just at workplace) !!

    Nice work !! Keep it up !!

  3. I think this is the best site i have seen that clearly describes about the natural laziness.

    Keep up good work…


  4. Why was I so lazy? this i put myself every day to meliorate myself.

  5. this ariticle is excellent….it looks like mirror of my life

  6. Lazyness? never thought there are people like me on this planet.. Just kidding :-)
    Interesting article, would like to see more on this topic and read about it.

  7. I am glad you guys liked the article. According to me, there is is big relationship between the life and the workplace. Life is a huge workplace where we have to deal with so many different challenges everyday (Even on weekends and holidays!) and the place where you go and work 8 hours a day is just a small portion of this huge workplace called life. If we can overcome laziness by creating a lot of fun in handling the day-to-day challenges presented by life, what else do we need?

  8. Need more posts…..when are they coming …

  9. I like your article! i’ve just finished writing “why we call it snooze?”. I searched the internet and maybe I could find the same title or an answer to that question which I answered. Then I saw your website and I read the first lines of your article and take a look at it.
    thanks! coz now I know and can defend myself that I’m not lazy. People are not lazy. Who would want an unsuccessful life? everyone strives hard to do their best. but in my experience, there are people who ignores to appreciate what we can do and give us a very depressing salary. sorry. I just appreciate your article… cheers!

  10. I am glad to know that you liked my article “Why are we lazy?” Ibooz(I like your ID “I Booz”). I am curious to read about your “why we call it snooze?” article. I would appreciate if you can share more about about your writings with us .

  11. Great stuff ! Hope after reading this I can change myself ! This line doesn’t show enough focus and commitment.

    Let me change to:
    ‘I will get rid of laziness by the end of 2008′

  12. Vikas,
    Your goal is really seems to be achievable. You also need to come up with a list of activities that can motivate you and make you jump off the bed any time you think of it.

    It would appreciate if you can share your experience with our readers about your process of overcoming laziness.

  13. I am glad to see ur stuff here. It gives pleasure to read more articles from you and keep doing it…it gives me motivation to do work with some interest in life…

  14. I must say wery nice article, keep up the good work

    But I do want to add something, you said we are not lazy.. that very much depends on how you look at things. I belive we are inheritly lazy in our basic level of design, and that is to reach our goal with minimum efort required. If you look at your every day “operations”, when you come home you have reached your goal, at that point you reduce movement to a minimum of doing your every day chores, even if running arround would make your body stronger and healthier possibly adding a few more years to your life and keeping you vital until your end, but we don not do it.. because we do not need to do it, we feel no need for extra body stress and so we stop/sit down/or stand.
    As a neanderthal hunter would bring home his food, he would then eat with the pact and rest, if there was no need for other activity.
    This is our basic design, our programming, minimum effort. It is not by any means a bad design because when you only move when there is a need to do so you save your energy, you save your food, wich gives you maximum survival potential. And as basic programming goes, your whole body functions in the same way, you only grow musle when there is a need to do so, your heart only pumps the amount of blood that is needed at any point, and should you starve your body will first degenerate/eat your musles as this will ensure maximum survival time. This system may not be the best in current times-as we have all the food we ever need, but it brought us here, we have become the superior race on the planet-now we have just become a disease. Anyway..

    The point im trying to make is that in our basic design we are lazy, you only do a task as long as it is amusing/as long there is a reason for it.
    Why for instance arent you athletic, why arent you a doctor, a mechanic, an electician, computer expert, a cook, a carpenter,… and so the list goes on. Yes I very well know that there is not enough time for us to learn everything, but there is enough time to learn alot and.. we dont. We do not find the need to do it, we do not find a reason, wich makes us lazy.
    So am I calling everybody lazy… yes, there are certain degrees of it, but when we belive we have reacheed our goal the rest is not important. Even someone coming home from work, they think they put in a good 8 hours of work and deserve the rest, but remember that your body can function 16h per day, an athlete will put in alot more work then you did in a day that is why he is in shape wich proves you havent reached your limit, you simply reached your goal and stoped, because there is no reason for more work.
    Plese do not be insulted by my comment, I am simply explaining our design, I function in the same way and noone can escape it, so you only haveto know how to work with it.

    As for the cure for the cascading lazyness.. its a tough one, but for the start you might try sex, sounds strange enough but it is a good start. As you have sex your brain pumps you up with somuch drugs you belive you can fly, at that point you are about as high as someone on heroin. This in turn will make you happy, and when wer happy we will do anything, we will comply, when wer happy we dont care if we get a shitty job, we dont care your boss is an ass and that wer underpayed, wer just happy.
    Ever seen a guy “get his act together” when he got a girl? Maybe it was even you, and why.. you got happy, you didnt care about the rest, she wanted you to get a job.. fine, its a shitty job.. fine.
    However, be warned, the happiness of “love” will cool down, and you will be facing the cold facts at some point, and if the lifestyle you have gotten in this state does not make you happy, it will come crashing down on your mental health. And there is my point of… its a start, love or heroin is not the anwser :)
    It is however a good kickstart, just remember that you still need to find things you like in life, that will make you… less lazy.
    Partners come and go, we forget that when we have a good time, and then it comes down hard… oh shit, Ive been wasting my time, and how stupid it was to do so.. and yes your right, but you had a hell of a time doing so…

    • Karagoth, I agree with you being in love can help you be motivated, because you are happy.
      Love keeps you going.

  15. Hi Karagoth,
    Thanks for taking time in putting together a very nice comment.
    I believe, we both are trying to say the same thing but in a different way.
    Instead of saying the relative words like less lazy, more lazy or medium lazy I am just saying two words “lazy” or “no lazy”. If you can continuously find the things you like or that are challenging you in your life either by luck or determination, you are called “no lazy”.

    Here is a link to Six Human Needs by Tony Robbins that can explain what motivates us to do something (get over the laziness).

    And here are the videos by Tony Robbins that explains how to change our emotions from one state to another and will be a classic example for our topic.
    Six Human Needs Part1:
    Six Human Needs Part2:

  16. Nice article, I actually agree with the fact that we are not fundamentally lazy. What Karagoth says that we are programmed to ‘reach our goal with minimum efort required’ is definitely true, however is this really because we are inherently lazy? I don’t think so, it’s because we are programmed to find the most efficient way of completing a task, and this is so that we can fit more achievements into our day. Weather those achievements are directly productive or just getting enough rest.

    Personally I am working for myself, have no other commitments, all the resources I need and really want to be very successful. I have done everything the self-help books say, created a purpose and values for my life, and set specific goals, however I can’t overcome the urge to sit around all day smoking weed and watching TV. I don’t even like either of those things that much, it’s just more fun than most of the other tasks I should be doing.

    If I had the answer to this question I think my life would transform in no time at all! Let me know when you work this out!

  17. This article is boss. I never thought i would read an article like this in my life and feel as if i never got any help. Now this had helped me begin to start all over again

  18. You have chosen a good topic for research. I m 20 yrs old undergoing some kind of training at workplace(CA).ppl say dat i m a bit restless,lazy and rude. pl continue ur research and find out da reason for the laziness.

  19. I’m so lazy I don’t even wanna read this whole article….

  20. I completely agree with you buddy..I am 26 years old guy and I am having the same problem. I am not doing what I really wants to do and that is the main reason of my laziness. Sometimes I escape some important things just because of my laziness. Its like a hidden devil who never wants you to grow up in your life. Please continue your research and please do intimate me about your next research.

  21. Excellent comment Tabby. “Its like a hidden devil who never wants you to grow up”… I like this statement. This devil will always be on 24×7 working schedule and will never leave any chance to make us immobile.

  22. It was helpful.Keep up the good work.

  23. I think there are a number of natural, and not-so-natural reasons for laziness.

    1. I think our bodies, just like gaining weight….HATE to expend energy at certain times. We are not all the different than our hunter gatherer fore fathers, and constantly expending energy after needs were met, is likely inherently avoided by our make up. This is not an excuse, just a possible element that influences us. Our bodies want to conserve energy, especially after eating and are contented in other ways. You ever notice you become aggressive or irritable when hungry…that’s because it’s time to hunt! 😉

    2. Repetitive pattern recognition. I think doing the same thing over and over is very detrimental to active brain function. We are actually wired to have multiple stimulus coming in at all times. I’m guessing here, but perhaps when we are doing boring repetitive work, our brain sets to a “getting ready to nap or sleep” and slows down. Since there is no need to be attentive, as far as our brain is concerned, it starts to prepare you to rest.

    (While every job/task has boring parts to it, there are really terrible jobs out there, and by terrible I don’t mean gross, but just terribly repetitive. If you have an employee or are one in such a position, help find a way to shake it up a bit. Move the person to a different job throughout the day, and never leave one person to do it all day every day, it’ll hurt everyone eventually, and you cannot blame people, it’s almost impossible no matter how good intentioned you are, to fight it. The only answer to stop laziness, is to not assign boring tasks to one person, and ongoing.

    Just some thoughts!

  24. Great explanation Robb! Thanks.

  25. This article change me deeply in terms on how to be escape laziness. I do hope that some of the readers would gained values from here.

  26. The number one reason we are lazy is that we are depressed about some activity or some past activity that has encountered in our lives that has made us grieve in some way and we have not yet determined what it actually is. It is my diagnosis that we identify what is causing our depression, deal with it and make a decission to move on. Laziness is purely pyscological and will not go away until we deal with our setbacks in life. Move on people and look foward, not backwards. Smile, GOD Loves you!

  27. I am a recovering procrastinator. I always keep a book titled ‘Stop Procrastinating’ by Rita Emmett published by Penguin. I read it every 6 months or so.

  28. if it wasn’t for lazy people there would be no new ideas. every idea we get saves us time and work. The guy who decided to get up and ride a horse for the first time didn’t want to walk. Why try and fight what you are!

  29. it’s a very useful information

  30. good article :)

    what to do something in life?

    • Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

  31. I think laziness is one of the least understood aspects of human nature. I see very little written in-depth on it. I think that is because we lump different personal states of low interest/willpower/etc into something called ‘laziness.’ It’s really a relative thing.

    I used to to be ‘lazy’ and people made me feel guilty for it. Of course that just makes it into a vicious cycle. But then I realized that was because I was living my life to please others, and at some point, I just lose interest in that and I become lazy, even trying to do something ‘fun’ becomes challenging because then I feel guilty/anxious about doing it, when I have other priorities. So I accepted the fact that I am not a person of routine. I can’t be committed to one thing only. I don’t have ADHD. I’m just kind of like a butterfly. There are so many interesting things in this world for me, and I don’t have an eternity to explore them all. So I tend to pick something up, do it for a while, drop it, and come back to it in the future.

    Some people have a lot of energy and have passion for what they do (type A personality?) while others, like me, are more laid back and like to take things easy. Who is to say which life is better? They all have their ups and downs. But I’ve learnt to accept that I can’t be a high-energy person, and I should live with who I am. Not everyone will agree with this idea, but remember that it’s your life. You don’t need others to validate it for you or tell you what to do. I have many many different interests, but I can’t say that I am as good at them as someone who only focuses in one area. But you know what? I’m not even trying to be the best. I do them because they are fun, interesting, they stimulate my mind.

    Just remember that you don’t have to focus on one thing in life if you don’t feel that’s right for you. It’s okay to have many different interest in life that don’t have your full attention. Variety is the spice of life!

    • Wally, I feel the same way. Well put!
      I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to be like everybody else. What makes us unique is when we listen to our own calling.

  32. I love it that there are so many fellow lazy people out there as it makes me feel less lazy. The best way to describe my laziness is like I am walking along the road at a steady pace with lots of people, but as I am lazy I stop walking and relax whilst the rest of the group keep going at the steady pace, then after a while I will suddenly run to catch them up, but as I have exerted lots of energy I stop and relax again whilst they keep moving at the steady pace, then after a while I will suddenly run to catch them up again, but as I have exerted lots of energy I stop and relax and the vicious circle continues on and on and on…We are all covering the same distance, but I just do it the lazy way. Yet when I am interested in something I can work none stop for days on end. I also find it much easier to concentrate at night…anyhoo that’s just me…

  33. hai friends plese advice me i have stucked in lazy i lost my job ready to marry but no one is intrested to marry me u no because. actually i have decided to do a taxation corse for 3 months becase of my lazynes i cant do my work perfectualls what are my expecations i can`t do it practically please help me. ya exercises, yoga i cant weak up early in the morning specially i give preference to food, sleep. so how to over come from this please advice me

  34. Hi,

    I felt great reading your Cover blog. I would like to share/have a quetion for so long now.

    After lot of opposition, finally i got into Business which is literally life to me. Fortunately, everything always falls on place to me. Still, i couldnt figure out the reason why i’m not moving?!!! I love what i am doing, moreover its my dream starting of my own, its everything to me. Them why the hell i’m not acting on it?!!! May be i’m lazy to go and work, latargic??, Procrastination, Over confidance that everything will happen, belief that keep dreaming and everything automatically falls on place. The worst scenario is i am not at all doing anything and one day when i am fully charged/heated up i will rush over and complete everything in one shot finally not sure that it may be even because i am not physically fit!!

    Pls do help me out! You mean a lot to me.. :) Tc

  35. Hi Arb,

    Thanks for being honest in sharing your information.

    You have to know that you’re not only the one in this type of situation. This affects almost everyone of us in our daily life. All the time it looks like we have so many things do, but we end up with not doing anything.

    It could be because of Distractions! Like We want to work on an important project but the TV in my living room is on and will attract me all the time more than our work. By the time I realize and get out of it’s gravity the day is over. There are so many similar distractions in the modern world like internet, video games, etc.

    It could be because of lack of Prioritization! When we have lot of things do, we may have to think which one is most important to do in the current moment. I mean… Now!…Don’t think about the second one until the first one is done. Concentrate only on one thing at a time. It’s not easy doing as saying but focus or if you worry about other things, you may end up doing nothing. Focus on the present moment or you may procrastinate everything.

    It could be because of consistent Motivation!.

    Please read Robbs’s comment above.
    “Have you ever noticed you become aggressive or irritable when hungry…that’s because it’s time to hunt! “.
    So never let your hunger die. Try to create it more often. Set your goals and targets you love and challenge you all the time. You also need to reward at every milestone to realize achievements and move forward.

    Good Luck and keep us posted! :).

  36. Hi,

    I have doubts about being lazy. I never been like this. I used to work with high energy but now i’m a stay at home mom. I still have lots of responsibilities but i feel that i don’t want to any of them. I’ve been feeling this lately to the extent that i know i have a list to do but i don’t want to do it.I am stressed always and sometimes-like today-i feel that i can’t breathe proparly. This is not me at all. I feel that i don’t know myself. I don’t know why i’m going down. Is this depression or is it a period i’m pathing through. I feel i’ve no life at all.Same routine everyday. Can anyone help me out?

    • Hi Bella,

      Don’t worry!, majority of people are like what you said. There will be high times and low times.

      You just have to sense when you are in low times and should know how to program yourself to get into high times.

      Low times also called Comfort zone. We don’t have to worry or do anything when we’re in comfort zone. But, something always bothers us in this zone.

      I believe,… you just need to figure out an activity that can motivate you enough to get yourself out of gravity.

      If you can, try activities like join gym or play a sport or learn a new skill (for example, learn some music or dance or some education). Set some goals for yourself in these activities. These activities not only helps you keep your mind occupied but also keeps you healthy.

      You can also meet new friends and may have new ideas that can help. Always have something to look forward to.

      I wish you a good luck.

      Please keep us posted with your progress.

  37. Sometimes we know the answer but we don’t want to pay attention to that answer because they may not sound good to us and we start finding other answers.
    See what happens exactly.

    Lazy person think:
    1. “I have to go to bath”
    2. “Should I really go”
    3. “Oh, bath so cold water”
    4. “Let me think more about this” (And find more excuses so that I can rest more) [Person wants to bath but don’t want to bear pain of cold water and first of all of the things he want more rest”
    5. “Now it’s too much now I will go” (Anger)
    6. Went to bath without thinking anything as his mind is filled with anger not any other thing.
    7. There he saw cold water.
    8. If still anger is there “Let happen what may come” and had bath
    9. If Not Angry till now “Now I have decided to come I have to do it. But I can go back also and come back later”
    10. After 9th point in case not angry now he will be angry on himself that he is hesitating even in doing this little thing and take bath.

    Not Lazy person think:
    1. I have to take bath. Mind not working to think more only excitement to take bath is there.
    2. Went and see cold water.
    3. Prepare his mind to bear it and taken bath.

    Now, see difference of points between lazy person vs non lazy person.

    Why the hell this second thought came. Because in real you don’t want to do it now.
    If you give chance to mind to find excuses then it will definitely find and also from inner also you don’t want to do that thing.

    If you decide that you have to do this and don’t allow your mind to think after that then body will go and do that. Why it will not do because mind is not working to find excuses.

    So, at last I think it is control on mind.
    A person can work with depression, anger, happiness, … but cannot work while thinking whether to do this work or not.

    Cut this part off and instead of this control your mind to create excitement for the given task. And always remember to kill your ego “If you wanted something to do, you get a chance to do and you are not doing it. Because it is your lack of control on mind.

    But beware if you don’t have second thought in mind whether to do it or not you might take up many risky tasks that can harm you. You will not come to know whether they are risky or not because you don’t think about it. So, instead of thinking whether I should do it or not think is there any really big harm if not try it out.

    Why one should kill one’s ego is explained below:
    One get a job he thinks is good.
    But work at job is not that much good. He wanted something else to work on.
    But he has no option.
    What will happen? As he has ego he will never accept that he have interest in doing that work also. He will think why I should do this kind of cheap work.
    But at last last he has to do it with his wish or without wish.
    So, he will do it without wish and then become depressed and harm his health also.

    In case he doesn’t have ego he will understand life is like that only. He will take interest in the work whatever is given to him.

    Ego stops one person to take interest in anything apart from the work what he thing he wants to do. But in that work also many things will come that he don’t want to do then what?

    Explanations can go on.
    But if we don’t think or feel second time “Should I do it or not?”
    We don’t always think, most of the times we feel so need to stop this feeling also. Feel that definitely you have to do it.
    Then most of the things can go well.

    Just in this comment wherever thinking is there keep in mind it can be feeling also (Feeling takes less time to come hence difficult to control and sometimes might need to be changed to different feeling)

    Please let me know if you agree/disagree.
    It was fun writing this comment. I really liked the article and all the comments and people’s interest in this topic. :)

  38. Excellent comment from Khushman!

    I completely agree with you. We do anything when we feel it as a must. However, there is another side to this piece of puzzle. People do anything when they know that they’ll enjoy it’s outcome.

    When we encounter any one of these conditions, the laziness automatically disappears.

    Your comment opens up new angles to this topic.

    Let us wait and see how many people agree with us.

  39. It really is amazing how lazy we as people can be at times! I think that we should look at the world around us to try to find a cure for our sluggishness. Look at ants for example! They scurry around all the time not even stopping to think “I don’t want to do this”! They do what they do to survive. I think that probably the best cure for laziness is to just take on a new mindset about the everyday tasks that we need to accomplish. Like Wally said, try adding new things or making little changes to your routine. It makes a big difference. Also, don’t settle for the minimum in your everyday work. You may find your work far more interesting if you expand on what you do.

    Make your life an adventure!


  40. this is great

  41. i feel am happy doing nothing but end of the day it frustrates me and i decide to change the next day. next day i find excuses from the surrondings.if only things around me change,i can change.i feel sombody else needs to motivate me .i am drowning in laziness sea. i start the blame game.i blame my husband for all the wrong that happens. this cycle goes on. how to stop it

  42. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I
    thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you
    are going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉

    • Thank you.

  43. I Agree with everything here but, I disagree with Karagoth because he is taking tiredness as laziness… laziness & tiredness cannot be taken as one…

  44. Thanks to you all for making this topic more interesting with your inputs!

  45. This is really fascinating, You are an excessively skilled blogger.
    I’ve joined your rss feed and look ahead to seeking extra of your magnificent post.
    Also, I have shared your site in my social networks

  46. Myself prove the commonly found solution posted on previous comments and admin’s article is true.

    If I am motivated or interested seeing good results without thinking my ego, my inherent lazyness can be gotten over.

    I cannot believe actually I finished reading entire article and all replies one by one. I was suspected if I were an adult ADHD.

    Thank you for posting all these people and the Admin. I have received a great help and only left on me is doing it and am doing it now.

    Bless to your research and personnal life, I will occasionally stop by to check updates and ideas, and share mine if I will get an other solution!

  47. Excellent article. Keep writing such kind of information on your site.

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