Why Are We Lazy ?

“I’ll do it later . . .”
“I don’t have  time to do it now . . .”
“I’ll do it when I wake up in the morning . . .”
 “I’ll do it in the late night before I sleep . . .”
“I’ll do it as soon as I go home . . .”
“Sound familiar ?. . .”

  No one says it aloud but, how many times we feel it everyday?

Am I lazy ? . . .

Are we all naturally lazy ? . . .

If so,. . .  Why are we lazy ? . . . Why would we like to be lazy ? . . .

Everyday before I go to bed, I set my alarm clock for 6am and when it goes off in the morning, I Snoo…ze, Sno…o..o..ze. and Sn….o…….o…o…o…o…..Ze!

. . . and still, I never woke up before 7.30am. I tried so many different techniques to wake up in the early morning but none of them worked. And …

. . . I am sure there are several people like me.

Am I really lazy ? . . .

There are several occasions in our life that demands us to perform something that we don’t like. You got to go to work some time now or later whether it’s for you or for somebody like your family members and it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not.

Whatever you think or try to do, you can never escape from the work. Even to escape from the work, you really got put some work in it.

And also,… as you may already know, if you skip it now,  it always becomes more and more difficult to work on anything in the last minute.

Well, we know all this stuff and we call it . . .

. . .”the Procrastination” . . .


But my question is, “why do the we procrastinate ?”…

Is it because naturally we’re lazy ?

Let me give it a try . . .

First, you give me a TV remote and I’ll make sure that I watch all the shows for entire night or until my eyes cannot see anymore. If you give me a tennis racquet, I keep on playing for hours and hours and will never stop until I get an emergency call from my home. Try me by giving me a computer and I will make sure that I browse website until my brain cannot take it any more.

I know many people who loves shopping. I have never seen them tired even when they spend their entire day in a shopping mall. Some people like reading and they read like crazy. Likewise, everyone has got one or more favorite activities in which they never show any symptoms of tiredness or laziness.

Well, this at least proves that we are not lazy, even though we are working on something that is completely different from what life demands.

After giving it so much thought and doing some research, I came to the following conclusion.

We are lazy because either we don’t like what we are doing or we are not doing what we like.

To put in a simple way, We are lazy just because we don’t have fun doing what we are doing.

” Laziness is the lack of desire to perform work or expend effort. What behavior is considered laziness varies according to personal and societal standards. “

                                        – Definition from Wikipedia

When we dislike any kind of work, our body and mind will not be at their full cooperation when doing it and we generally interpret this condition as laziness. I heard someone saying “the height of laziness is termed as Lethargy”.

This analysis created so many questions in the back of my mind.

  • How can we get rid of the laziness ?
  • How can we enjoy my work as if we are playing our favorite game ?
  • How can make anyone wake up on Monday morning with an excitement to go to work ?
  • How can enjoy going to work as if the kids are getting ready for the playground ?

I always believed that there is definitely way to make our life more entertaining so that, we can enjoy working all the time. When we enjoy our work, we will do it more and more of it that gives us a lot of happiness and directs us toward our life’s fulfillment.

For about past two years, I was thinking of creating my own web site. But as I said, nothing was moving further as there was no such topic that attracted me much.

After all, I surely know and also proved that we are not lazy. I realized that I just couldn’t do it because I couldn’t find an interesting work that can excite me.

One fine day, I questioned myself . . . ,

“ Why shouldn’t I create a blog on laziness and experience it ? ”

So, I started this blog and brainstorming to see if there is anyway to find a cure for laziness.

I am glad that I finally started with an inspiring topic and I believe I’m going to have a lot of fun working on this subject.

I am going to update this blog with the information that I research from other web sites, books, and other types of media.

Amazingly, after I started this blog topic, I unknowingly began to observe everything that’s happening around me . . . . and . . . I’m believing that these observations would become a great help.

I’m open to the ideas and discussions that can contributed by friends and visitors which could make the journey of how to get rid of laziness more enjoyable and create more happiness in our lives.

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